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KLAP, Inc offers an Apprenticeship program to individuals as well as light ex-offenders who want to start a career in the electrical and low voltage industry. 


This program is not just classroom instructions, it also includes lab applications. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.

What We Do 

Classroom Training

We provide instructional training
in a class room setting
for 1 night a week.


On the Job Training 

We provide assistance for the apprentice to gain employment
for on the job training during the apprenticeship program.



We help set examples for our apprentice through mentorship and coaching opportunities. 

Dustin, KLAP Inc., Participant

“I had accumulated a few charges on my record which prevented me from being able to obtain a good and steady job with full time hours and benefits, until I was blessed to hear about KLAP Inc apprenticeship program and working with TLVC,LLC. Not only were they able to offer me these things but also schooling as well to get a Journeyman license in low voltage. All the staff are great to work with and very understanding.”

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