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Our Process

Ready to Apply????

Ready to Apply????

Ready to Apply????

You are just one click away from a new future!!! 


Applying to one of our programs is a quick and seamless process. Processing typically takes as little as 3 to 5 business days, once all required documents  have been received and interviews have been conducted.


Programs in KLAP Inc prepare trainees for industry-recognized certification exams. Successful completion of these certification exams is required for completion of any course within our program.



KLAP Inc trainees have a lot going on so we understand that you may need to cancel your registration due to unforeseen events. Please note that the one-time fee of $225 (assigned to Credential and KLAP programs only) is non refundable.  


Trainees are eligible for a 20% refund of tuition if they withdraw BEFORE the  third class meeting.  Students who choose to withdraw from any of the programs are asked to do so by completing a withdrawal form. 


Refunds will be processed within two weeks of the date of withdrawal. 


​Please note: trainees who withdraw or are administratively withdrawn due to attendance from two classes will no longer be eligible for future KLAP Inc programs.


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