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Class Prices

 Tuition can be payed online, and must be paid in full as part of your registration process. 

All course material has been reviewed and approved by KLAP Inc. Course materials include, but are not limited to: textbooks, slide decks, tests, quizzes, and exams. Course material costs are ONLY included in the price of tuition for the CORE 20 Day.  There is a one-time fee of $225 due at the time of enrollment for KLAP and Credential Technician programs. 

All materials used for course instruction, quizzes and homework is provided by an approved courseware vendor or created internally and approved by KLAP Inc.




Programs in KLAP Inc prepare trainees for industry-recognized certification exams. Successful completion of these certification exams is required for completion of any course within our program.




KLAP Inc trainees have a lot going on. We understand that you may need to cancel your registration. Please note that the one-time fee of $225 is non refundable.  


Trainees are eligible for a 20% refund of tuition if they withdraw BEFORE the  third class meeting.  Students who choose to withdraw from any of the programs are asked to do so by completing a withdrawal form. 


Refunds will be processed within two weeks of the date of withdrawal. 


Please note: trainees who withdraw or are administratively withdrawn due to attendance from two classes will no longer be eligible for future KLAP Inc programs.



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